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                    WiseWills Offer an annual retainer service.
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Can a Will be changed after execution 

You can make alterations by adding a Codicil to your last Will, but if the alterations were extensive then it would be advisable for you to prepare a new Last Will. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to write in any additions or make any alteration to your last Will after it has been prepared. Do not pin, staple, or clip any papers to your Last Will. It is recommended that you should re-write your Last Will if there are changes to be made in it. Please read below for our solution. In most cases people prefer to write a new Last Will. It is often simpler to do this.

Keeping your Last Will up to date with WiseWills  Optional Service


WiseWills Offer an annual retainer service. This service guarantees you that we shall write you a new Last Will and Testament whenever you want to amend or change any details in it, no matter how small, or how often, so long as you continue with the £5.00 per annum per will. We will keep a copy of your will and shall replace it, ready for witnessing, if it is lost, damaged or destroyed. The premiums are guaranteed to stay fixed at £5.00 per annum, per Last Will for no less than five years from the date of your first premium.
Just think! How long did it take you to get around to making this Last Will and Testament? Take out our retainer service and you will use it often, we guarantee it. Imagine only the simple changes that happen, like the next time you move house, or your executors, guardians or children do, need we go on! JUST £5.00 PER YEAR, PER LAST WILL & TESTAMENT.

Don’t forget if you have taken this option you may also seek our advice in the future; free of charge, with questions or concerns you have regarding your will.

 Here are just some of the events that would ordinarily require a change to your last Will. Certainly there are other reasons.

  1. If you marry or divorce
  2. If you join together into a civil partnership or dissolution or annulment of a civil partnership.
  3. The birth or adoption of children
  4. To add or change guardians for children
  5. A significant change in financial status
  6. A significant change in tax laws
  7. A desire to add beneficiaries
  8. A desire to change beneficiaries
  9. The death or incapacity of a named executor or trustee
  10. To change personal details like address changes for you or someone mentioned in the will
  11. You may also seek our advice in the future; free of charge, with questions or concerns you have regarding your will.
  12. We shall also keep a copy of your Will and shall replace it if for you ready for witnessing if it is damaged, lost or destroyed.

NOTE: We would not however replace it for a third party after your death.

We will send you an annual standing order form after we have received your remittance.


                            Can My Last Will and Testament  be changed After I have died ?
In certain circumstances, your Last Will may be changed after you have died. There may be problems in the interpretation of your Last Will, which may cause ambiguity, or the Last Will may be contested. A Last Will may be contested if there are members of your family who are of the view that they are entitled to a part of your estate, but have been omitted from your Last Will. It is for this reason that you should have your Last Will prepared by a professional. Frequently, DIY or homemade Last Wills fail because basic wording has been used, and or, in cases of interpretation, when it is not possible for your executors to understand exactly how they should administer your estate.  

The famous actor, Richard Burton, added to his Last Will.  "That if anybody contested any part of his Last Will they would lose any bequest completely.

                            Quote from a badly written DIY last will
"I leave everything to my wife and on her death it is to be shared between my children"
An absolute disaster! The husband wanted to leave everything to his wife, who would then, on her death, leave it to their children. This statement means that his estate by-passed  his wife in favour of his children. His wife is left  merely holding his estate in trust for the children. 
This is one of the reasons why lawyers spend more time, and make more money, sorting out disputes in badly drafted DIY Wills than they do from drawing them up.
                                           Can I alter My Last Will and Testament Myself?
No. A very important point to be aware of is that you must not alter an existing valid Last Will in any way. You must not cross portions out or add other words or blocks of text to it. You should not attaché extra pages with clips or staples. It is far better to prepare a new Last Will altogether and then destroy the old one.  
                                         How long is a last Will and testament valid ?
A Last Will is valid until the Testator revokes it by making a new one, or the Testator destroys it because he or she has changed his or her mind because circumstances have changed for them.  Divorce can also affect the validity of some parts of a Last Will and you almost certainly should make a new Will.
                                    When do You need a New Last Will and Testament ?

It is always sensible to review the provisions contained in a Last Will, to consider if any change in your circumstances has altered the contents of your Last Will. Changes can be in the form of a variety of events, such as: the death of an executor or beneficiary that has been named: a material increase or decrease in financial wealth, or the acquisition or disposal of any other assets which may or may not have been provided for in the existing Last Will. On re-marriage or divorce. A change of guardian for your infant or infants. Changes in Tax legislation, most particularly the levels set for the Inheritance Tax exemption ceiling. It may be that a Testator can save Inheritance Tax liability from his or her estate by careful inheritance tax planning. Simple changes, like, address changes of witnesses or anyone pertinent to the last will should also be considered. These people may, or will need to be contactable, and their addresses are more often than not, included in the text of your Last Will.

These are just some of the reasons why Last Will and Testament should be reviewed regularly.  Certainly, there are many more reasons depending on an individual’s circumstance.

A very important point to be aware of, is that you must not alter your existing Last Will in any way. You must not cross portions out, or add other words or blocks of text to it. You should not attaching extra pages with pins, staples or clips. It is far better to prepare a new Last Will altogether and then destroy the old one.  

                                          Am I able to cancel my last Will and testament?
Yes. You can revoke your last Will at any time by cancelling it. This is done simply by destroying it, or by making a new Last Will. A new last Will, dated and witnessed correctly, automatically revokes or cancels any earlier Last Will made by you.  An new last will should include a clause cancelling any previous last will made by you.
               Does a change in my circumstances affect my last Will ?
You can deal with minor amendments by way of a Codicil to your last Will but it is not recommended. 

Under no circumstances should a Codicil be used if you wish to substantially change your Last Will. If your circumstances change, for example, if you get divorced, marry or re-marry, then you should make a new last Will. Marriage will automatically revoke your Last Will unless you made your Last Will in contemplation of being married.  

For small gifts to individuals, you may add, by a separate sheet of paper, what is called "a memorandum of wishes” where you may list the small gifts, and recipient’s names. It is not part of your Last Will but is acceptable for small gifts. The Will Bureau includes a sheet for this in every will. We do not recommend gifts over £150 to be added in this way.  Every one is aware that people promise to leave small items to friends, knowing that they admired them, and would get pleasure from them, or that it would remind them of you. It would be unrealistic if you had to make a new Last Will for such promises. Other family members are often aware of such promises and honour them in any case.

                                                       Get Annual Retainer Service    £5.00 per annum per will.




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