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Last Will and Testament Just 59.99 or 99.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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"Wisewills"  is The Will Bureau UK web presence.  
That the person applying for Will writing services from this web site is over eighteen years of age and of sound mind. That the person providing instructions is a United Kingdom National or a resident within the United Kingdom or lives abroad but retains property or other assets within the United Kingdom.
All last Wills are prepared according to the Law of the United Kingdom.
That You agree to your Executors having normal powers in the administration of your estate and that you are not aware of any trust or other restriction which would prevent your estate from being distributed in accordance with your wishes.  
You agree to inform your executors that they have been appointed in your will. However it remains your sole responsibility to inform them.
By accepting the Last Will by email you must accept the sole responsibility of getting your Last Will witnessed as soon as possible. You Must reply to the email we send you prior to sending your will(s), accepting our disclaimer.
Your Last Will when completed shall be delayed untill you have replied to our disclaimer email stating and agreeing that once you receive your Last Will it becomes your sole responsibility to get it witnessed.
That you are aware that your Last Will is not legally binding until it has been signed by you, and witnessed by two independent witnesses, who must sign to say they saw you sign your Last Will. They must not be beneficiaries or named in the Last Will. You will receive full and clear instruction with your will and be able to seek our advise.
That you will return to us the witness form that we supply with your Will confirming that your last will has been witnessed and making it legally binding.
That you provide us with: clear, truthful instructions when completing all parts of the On-line last Will Instruction Form. We may decline instructions if you do not provide us with full information. We will endeavour to contact you if we are in doubt and this may mean further contact with us by telephone, post, fax or e-mail.  
Be aware that we offer extensive help to you if you encounter difficulties while completing your Last Will instruction form, and we will guide you, but you (The person who's will it is) will be the final arbiter of the last wills contents  and (Legal or taxation advice should NOT be expected)
Unless you state otherwise, or we advise you, Last Wills we prepare from this online  web site are on the basis that, any reference to infants or children automatically includes provision for any of your Childs's children (your grandchildren) to take in substitution, for that child, if that child does not survive or reach an age specified in the will and so on. 

(Example) If you leave your estate to your son, and your son pre-deceased you, then your son's child will become the beneficiary in his place. 

We reserve the right to decline instructions to prepare you Last Will if your instructions are uncertain and if we are unable to clarify instructions in cases of doubt.  
Last Will Writing Service cost 39.99 Per Last Will. This fee is currently fixed at 39.99 per last will written. A mirror or family Last Will is two Last Wills at 39.99 each currently on offer at a reduced rate getting the second will at a reduced price of 29.99 totalling 69.98.
The payment for your Last Will can be payable by cheque and made payable to TWB or The Will Bureau. You will also be able to pay via credit card or pay pal.  you will receive a receipt by email for any payment received.
If you are not happy with our service you will receive a full refund.
The payment for our retainer service (5.00 annually Per Will) is paid by annual standing order, in advance. This option is only available if you take advantage of it at the same time as making your original Last Will. This fee is currently fixed at 5.00 per annum. If you select this option the amount will not increase for at least 10 years from the date of your first premium  so long as you continue payments annually.  
We will prepare the Last Will and send it to you for your approval by email within seven days of us receiving the disclaimer mentioned above.  
Your last Will drafts shall be sent to you for your approval by email, unless you notify us to send your last Will drafts for your approval by fax or post. There is no limit on how many drafts you require. Our aim is to supply you with a Last Will that is as personal to you as possible, and fully understandable.
By accepting these conditions you are confirming to us that the instructions given to us are your own instructions in the preparation of a Last Will and Testament for you, and not on behalf of another person (except in the case where you are providing instructions on behalf of your partner or spouse when we shall be entitled to accept that the instructions are given on behalf of your partner or spouse with his or her knowledge and consent.)  
You may wish to supply information (for a aged parent as an example) this is acceptable so long as you inform us and have consent to do so.
Any substantial alteration to your Last Will after it has been prepared and sent to you may result in an additional charge if it becomes necessary to re-write the Will for you, unless you have taken the retainer service.
Unless you specify all Last Wills prepared through this Will Writing Service will cover your worldwide assets. However the law of the country in which the assets are situated may limit the effectiveness of any gift or legacy. If you have assets outside of the United Kingdom you should also seek advice in the country where those assets are situated. It is common to have a second will disposing of assets held in that specific country under that legal system.
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