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OPTION 1: We would like to leave the residue of our estate to each other and appoint each other as sole beneficiary and executor
The residue is the remainder of an estate after the deduction of taxes and payment of just debts which can include funeral costs.  
                                                      Your Personal Details
Will A Salutation Mr  Mrs   Miss   Rev    Dr    Other 
Your Full Name    
Will B Salutation Mr  Mrs   Miss   Rev    Dr    Other 
Spouse/Partners name
    Your Full Postal Address        


            Post Code

Country of Residence       
Telephone Number         
Please State If You Are:  Single  Married    Civil Partnership   Divorced    Separated   Common law Partners     Widowed   

Other relationship  

Are you both over 18 and of sound mind?   Yes No 
                                                 Your Executors
You have chosen each other to act as sole beneficiary and executor to each other. However... if either person was incapacitated and unable to act you may wish to consider appointing an alternate executor they must be over 18 and you can appoint up to four people to act together or in succession. We advise that you to name at least one alternate executor below.
Do you wish to appoint an alternate executor YES   NO

We have chosen the same alternate executors
Your alternate executor Will A
Alternate Executors Name     

Alternate Executors Address 

Your Partner/Spouses alternate executors (if different from above)
Alternate Executors Name    Will B 

Alternate Executors Address 

                                   Exclusions from your will

This means anyone who you think may have a claim to your estate.

Add below any person that that you would wish to exclude from benefiting in any way from your estate.           (Such as estranged spouse or partner). 

Enter their name and relationship to you.  (If in doubt add them)

WILL A, Do you wish to name any exclusions?   Yes    No 

*Name & Relationship

*Name & Relationship

*Name & Relationship

WILL B, Your Spouse/Partner Do you wish to name any exclusions?   Yes    No 

*Name & Relationship

*Name & Relationship

*Name & Relationship

Does either person have any specific gifts to name in your will   
Yes    No 
If you want to leave any "small inexpensive" gifts in your will it is acceptable for you to keep a written  list yourself called, "A Memorandum of Wishes" which you should keep alongside but not attached to your will this has the advantage that you can alter or update your list of small gifts without having to amend your will. (200 limit PER GIFT is our suggestion in monetary value) This will aid your executor to distribute small personal items.

Please enclose a memorandum of wishes page with our Last Wills

         Funeral Arrangements and Recital
Will A. Do you wish to be:

Buried?    Cremated?       or have no preference?

Will B. Do you wish to be:

Buried    Cremated?       or have no preference?

Do you or your partner wish to add a recital in your Last Will.

This could be a request for your ashes to be scattered at sea or a favourite place. A service at your preferred church. It could be a thank you message or any comments you wish to leave to friends or family. 

Will A, Your Recital

Will B, Your Recital

                           Additional information 

Do you have any comments or questions? If so please do so here.

Additional information box

                                        Your Payment
We confirm that we are over the age of 18 years, and are of sound mind. The information on this form is complete and accurate and is to be used as the basis for preparing our Last Will and Testament. In addition to appointments, and distribution of residue, we agree to our executors having normal powers to aid the administration of Our Estates. We know of no circumstances which would prevent our Estates being distributed as we have requested.
We agree to provide replies to emails and drafts pertaining to our wills in a timely manner.
We understand that a Last Will only becomes legally valid after it has been signed and witnessed, and witnesses must not be beneficiaries or their spouse. WiseWills provide full written instructions and will be available to give advice.
Any corrections that have been caused by error on the part of this professional will writing company. "WiseWills", will be amended without question, but whose liability for such errors will be restricted to providing replacement documents. There will be a fee for any corrections/amendments you require after a 28 day period unless you have taken advantage of our retainer service.  

I/We agree to the above       

I/We disagree to the above     

Your E-Mail Address         Essential

Your Telephone Number Helpful (for queries only).

Tip: After you click the submit button a short form (printer friendly) will be shown with all the details of the form indicating all the answers you have given. Right click on the form and select print alternately use the print icon in your browser.


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