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                                 I Already Have a Last Will and Testament?
When do you need a new last Will and testament?

It is always sensible to review the provisions contained in a Last Will, to consider if any change in your circumstances has altered the contents of your Last Will. Changes can be in the form of a variety of events, such as: the death of an executor or beneficiary that has been named: a material increase or decrease in financial wealth, or the acquisition or disposal of any other assets which may or may not have been provided for in the existing Last Will. On re-marriage or divorce. A change of guardian for your infant or infants. Changes in Tax legislation, most particularly the levels set for the Inheritance Tax exemption ceiling. It may be that a Testator can save Inheritance Tax liability from his or her estate by careful inheritance tax planning. Simple changes, like, address changes of witnesses or anyone pertinent to the last will should also be considered. These people may, or will need to be contactable, and their addresses are more often than not, included in the text of your Last Will.

These are just some of the reasons why Last Will and Testament should be reviewed regularly.  Certainly, there are many more reasons depending on an individualís circumstance.

A very important point to be aware of, is that you must not alter your existing Last Will in any way. You must not cross portions out, or add other words or blocks of text to it. You should not attaching extra pages with pins, staples or clips. It is far better to prepare a new Last Will altogether and then destroy the old one.  

Don't Delay in making that Last Will. The consequences
Without a valid Last Will and Testament, obtaining Letters of Administration, appointing an administrator, can take months or sometimes even years. In the meantime your surviving spouse or partner has all the usual: household, weekly, monthly, and daily expenses to find and they will probably be on a reduced income, plus it will be at a time when they most need reassurance. Your surviving spouse or partner may not have access to money, she or he would normally have a right to, because the assets could be frozen until all the formalities have been sorted out, (someone else deciding who gets your life's assets). If you have got a valid Last Will it should take no longer than three months to obtain Probate and release your assets to the people who you chose.
Keeping your Last Will and Testament up to date?
Your Last Will and Testament, once written and witnessed, needs to be kept up to date. You have three options here. You  can either get new Last Wills written, add a codicil, or take out our retainer service where for £5.00 per year, per last will, you can add, alter, or re-write your Last Will as often as you like. We can arrange this facility only if you pay by an annual standing order.  Full details are included with your Last Will.
How Long Is a Last Will Valid
A last Will is valid until the Testator revokes it by making a new one or it is destroyed by the Testator because he or she has changed his or her mind or because circumstances have changed for them.  Divorce can also affect the validity of some parts of a last Will. 
Annual Retainer Service, Optional
The Will Bureau Offer an annual retainer service. This service guarantees you that, The Will Bureau shall write you a new last will and testament whenever you want to amend or change any details in it, no matter how small, or how often, so long as you continue with the £5.00 per annum premium. The Will Bureau UK will replace your last will if damaged, lost or destroyed. The premiums are guaranteed to stay fixed at £5.00 per annum, per last will for no less than ten years from the date of your first premium.
Just think! how long did it take you to get around to making this last will and testament? Take out our retainer service and you will use it, often, we guarantee it. Imagine only the simple changes that happen, like the next time you move house, or your executors, guardians or children do, need we go on! JUST £5.00 PER YEAR, PER LAST WILL & TESTAMENT.
You cannot later change your mind. This annual retainer service is only available if taken at the same time as your original last will. Your payment for this service must be made by annual standing order.
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