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Last Will and Testament Just 39.99 or 69.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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                   Receiving your Will by email in PDF Adobe format
By the time you receive your Last Will in the post, you should already be familiar with its content. It may have taken us several draughts (sent back and forth by email) to get this far.
The first thing you must do is read the Will thoroughly, checking that it is exactly as you wished it to be. It won't take you long to read it through confusin or difficult to understand. If the Last Will is as you wish you need only sign and date it in front witnesses who will be two independent people. Full instructions on getting your Will witnessed will accompany your Last Will.
If you find that anything is not correct at this stage simply return the Last Will us by email stating what the amendments or alterations are. The Will Bureau, WiseWills will change the document for you. There is no fee for this as long as you notify us about the alterations within  28 days of receiving your final Will. You may notify us by e-mail, telephone or post.
                         Annual Retainer Service (Optional)
If you have taken advantage of our retainer service. 5.00 per annum, per Last Will, and your payments are up to date, there is never a fee in the future for amendments, alterations, or the writing of a new Last Will.
The Will Bureau has made keeping your Last Will up to date very easy, by introducing our annual retainer service.   

This service guarantees you that The Will Bureau shall make you a new Last Will whenever you want to, amend or change any details in it, no matter how small or often, so long as you continue with the annual premiums. The Will Bureau shall replace your Last Will, if damaged, lost or destroyed. The premiums are guaranteed to stay fixed at 5.00 per annum, per Last Will, for no less than ten years from the date of your first annual premium.

Think! how long did it take you to get around to making this Last Will and Testament? Take out our annual retainer service, and you will use it, often, we guarantee. Imagine only the simple changes that happen, like the next time you move house, or your executors, guardians, or children do, need we go on!

You cannot later change your mind. This service is only available if taken at the same time as your original will.

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