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Last Will and Testament Just 59.99 or 99.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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If you are a serviceman you can have A Last Will at HALF PRICE including your Spouse or Partner.

Just mention with proof of Service in the more info box at the end of the instruction form.

This on-line service was designed with you in the forefront of our minds. It could not be simpler for you, to make that Last Will and Testament wherever you are in the World and have the peace of mind that your affairs in the UK are in order. 
With your co-operation we can provide you with a fully legal Last Will and Testament by E-Mail within a few days. All you have to do is have it signed and witnessed.
If you have, or own property abroad as well as in the UK you will need to seek legal advice from the country where your property is situated. In some instances this will mean two last wills are needed. If you have property or assets in the UK you will need a Last Will written under UK laws.
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