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Last Will and Testament Just 39.99 or 69.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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Option 1 OPTION 1: We would like to leave the residue of our estate to each other and appoint each other as sole beneficiary and executor.

Option 2 Option 2: To each other,  then after our deaths to our children (its customery to also include grandchildren in succession) I.E We would like to leave the residue of our estate to each other and appoint each other as sole beneficiary and executor but then after both our deaths the rest and residue of the estate directly to our children.
Option 3 Option 3 Mirror Wills: All options available within the form.
Mirror Wills The mirror will form was designed for convenience allowing two people within relationships to complete the one form together.

Option 4 Option 4 Single Will: All Options open within the will                                                         
Leave your Estate to more than one or more adults or children and name alternative beneficiaries should one or more of your beneficiaries predecease you.

The residue is the remainder of an estate after the deduction of taxes and payment of just debts which can include funeral costs.  Inheritance tax thresholds and rates. If you are single and die during the tax year 2016-2017 with an estate worth more than 325,000 (including money, property and investments, but after deducting debts and expenses such as funeral costs), 40% tax will become due on anything above 325,000.


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