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Last Will and Testament Just £59.99 or £99.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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                               A Message From The Management of  WiseWills

In days gone by the people who needed to make a last wills had the family solicitor over for dinner. He would often be a "family friend". 

Those days are over and as more and more people achieve success owning there own businesses and homes and Investing for their future with Company or private pension schemes. With the advent of all these things a last Will and testament has become an essential item in almost everyone's lives.

Unfortunately experience has shown us that people often plan to make a last Will but for whatever reason they seldom get around to doing anything about it, often leaving their most loved one in a needless panic at a time when they most need reassurance.

Our aim at WiseWills is to make it easy to change all that and also make it affordable and quick to make a Last Will and testament, allowing you to choose exactly who gets the hard worked for assets of your life's work when the time comes. as it surely will for all of us.

Our lifestyles today mean that its often inconvenient to take time from work to go to a solicitors office during normal business hours, and it usually takes two or more timely inconvenient visits. That's why we set up WiseWills which has been writing last wills online for people since 1999.

Every person involved in the Will writing process has gained professional legal will writing qualifications.

Last Wills for whatever reason are something that most people think about and realise the importance of but very often just donít get around to making one, thus inevitably leaving your loved ones in a needless panic at a time of unbearable grief and uncertainty, at a time when our loved ones need reassurance and order. This is a responsibility you should not put off.

There are no extra fees we guarantee you will get a professionally written legally binding Last Will and Testament ready for signing with full instructions and human support until complete.

WiseWills can offer you a legally binding Last Will and Testament in just a few days. You will get real time input and advice during the Will drafting process. Make sure your estate goes to the people you chose don't leave behind a family in uncertainty or worse in dispute.

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