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                                                       Applying for Probate
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Applying for Probate/Confirmation

To get access to the assets in the deceased's estate, you need to get a grant of representation. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the two most common types of grant are

  • a grant of probate, where the deceased has left a Will, and
  • a grant of letters of administration, where the deceased has not left a Will.

NOTE: In Scotland, the grant is is called a grant of Confirmation.

How much and when is IHT payable?

This depends on each individual's estate and how it was made up at the date of death. Each individual has a Nil Rate Band threshold. For deaths on or after 6 April 2007 (start of the tax year) the Nil Rate Band is 300,000, rising to 312,000 in 2008 and 325,000 by 2009. If no planning has been put in place prior to death then the balance of the estate over and above the Nil Rate Band is chargeable to 40% Inheritance Tax.

  • their share of any assets owned jointly,
  • any assets held in trust from which they had the right to benefit,
  • any assets they had given away in the 7 years before they died, and
  • any assets which they had given to someone else, but in which they retained an interest or benefit

does not exceed this figure, there should be no Inheritance Tax to pay as a result of the death. Where the tax threshold is exceeded, you will have to pay at least some of the inheritance tax that is due before you can get a grant.

If the deceased's estate meets certain conditions, you will be able to get a grant by providing only basic information. We call such an estate an 'excepted estate'. Most estates in the UK (over 80%) qualify as an 'excepted estate'. There is no Inheritance Tax to pay on an estate that qualifies as an 'excepted estate'

To find out what you should do next, click on the country where the deceased lived.

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If you prefer you can go directly to the Inland Revenues website 

Addresses of Probate offices in Great Britain

Probate Forms and Leaflets

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