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Last Will and Testament Just £59.99 or £99.99 for two Legal professionally written Wills.
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                                          Can We Write our Wills Jointly
No, but “Mirror Wills” are common. A mirror will is when a husband, wife or partner make almost identical wills leaving for example everything to each other respectively, should  one partner die, and if  both die together then direct to children. If there are no children then to a named beneficiary.

The mirror will form was designed for convenience allowing two people within relationships to complete the one form together. You may complete a single will form, one each, if you prefer. it still counts as two wills for reduced payment.

It is not possible to have a joint Last Will they must be individual wills so in reality they are two individual and  separate legal documents with similar contents. The respective individual usually, or can, become both sole beneficiary and sole executor to each other.

                                                                    What can I say in my last Will?
When you make a Last Will you are able to say exactly how you want your affairs to be dealt with after your death. You can add any personal comments and you can specify whether you wish to be buried, cremated or if you have no preference and wish to leave the decision to surviving family. Where the funeral service (if any) should be held, or if any sermon or hymn special to you should be used. Your Last Will should be as personal to you as possible. Wills are not necessarily long complex documents, after all, there should be no room in it for ambiguity and it should be made simply and understandable. You should be guided by a professionally trained Will writer.
Don't Delay
Last Wills for whatever reason are something that most people think about and realise the importance of but very often just don’t get around to making one, thus inevitably leaving your loved ones in a needless panic at a time of unbearable grief and uncertainty, at a time when our loved ones need reassurance and order. This is a responsibility you should not put off.
we guarantee no extra fees you get a professionally written legally binding Last Will and Testament ready for signing with full instructions and human support until complete.

Every person at WiseWills who is involved in the Will writing process has professional recognised legal Will Writing qualifications and experience.

WiseWills can offer you a legally binding Last Will and Testament in just a few hours. You will get real time input and advice during the Will drafting process.

Make sure your estate goes to the people you chose don't leave behind a family in uncertainty or worse in dispute.

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