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                Dealing With a Deceased’s Estate in Scotland
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Dealing With a Deceased’s Estate in Scotland

 Probate Forms Scotland 

You will need to fill in an Inventory of the deceased's estate to apply for Confirmation. You can download the forms you need from this site. You should download the Inventory, form C1 and the notes to help you fill it in, form C3, first. If you need it, there is a continuation sheet for the Inventory, form C2.

The booklet, form C3, will help you to decide whether the deceased's estate can qualify as an 'excepted estate'. If it does, you will only need to fill in the Inventory.

If you find that the estate is not an 'excepted estate', you will also need to fill in a full Inland Revenue Account

If the deceased's estate is a Small Estate your local Sheriff Clerk will help you with the forms.

If you do not want to download the forms, you can telephone The Inland Revenue Help line on 0131 777 4050 and we will send you the forms.

If you need any help with the application for Confirmation, you should telephone your local Sheriff Clerk.

If you need any help in deciding whether the estate is an 'excepted estate' or in filling in the Inheritance Tax forms, you should telephone  The Inland Revenue Help line.

Probate in other Jurisdictions

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